It stemmed from the essential need of creators, artists and musicians to define their own expression which was adapted primarily to their emotional code and sensibility, rather than to the demands of the market or environment. In the short time since it came into existence, Frame Orchestra has succeeded in defining its musical expression as a fusion between the long esteemed tradition of classical music and the clearly defined folklore legacy of the colorful community that inhabits their urban setting.Gathered around the central authorial character of Lazar Novkov, they reach the ideal of creative simplicity, which requires so little to spread its creative wings and portray the basic flux of emotions transfused into music notation.The compositions present the listener with a sophisticated palette of acoustic harmony, where each accordion, violin, guitar or double bass tone and each unobtrusive yet picturesque percussion tone plays the role of a specific color on the paintbrush, or in the poetic image that will get its real meaning only through reading what is written with invisible ink, somewhere between the lines.The ease with which compositions build the atmosphere of particular changes is astonishing, with the beats and note values of such compositions being equally fitting for loneliness and daydreaming, creativity or travel, dance and seduction or simply the enjoyment of music.

World music, postmodern music, cabaret, crossover or the ethno trend of today, are merely the broader context in which the musical expression of Frame Orchestra moves.

Lazar Novkov – accordion
Vladimir Ćuković – violin
Milena Jančurić – flute
Siniša Mazalica – double bass
Vladimir Opsenica – acoustic guitar
Nenad Patković – acoustic guitar
Ištvan Čik – drums, percussion
Branko Bošković – percission, drums

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